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  • What I like about working with Phil is that he is so carefully attuned to the design process. He is always respectful of the intent. He is careful to carry it out and gives critical attention in an effort to make the project better. That is what has been so impressive to me in working with Phil. 

    Rick Spitzmiller, Architect, SPITZMILLER & NORRIS
  • Over a thirty-year career, I’ve worked with many builders and Phil Clark is the best, most devoted, I’ve known…I [am] completely thrilled by Phil’s commitment, without compromise, to excellence…Phillip is one of those all too rare people who is motivated by the quality of the work itself, rather than by the possibility of quick personal gain. He takes a long-term view and his reward is in being able to point with pride at tangible contributions to our built environment—and to our common good. Phil is 100% honest. He listens to neighbors and genuinely addresses their concerns.

    Bob Chapman, Principal, TND PARTNERS
  • Phil has patiently, professionally and passionately worked with this high profile neighborhood assuring them along the way that he will develop a unique community of the highest quality. He has listened intently to the concerns of many groups within this community and vigorously worked to understand and respond to them with substantive changes to his plan.

    George Stanziale, PLA, ASLA, CLARB, President, Director of Design, STEWART
  • Phil was wholly engaged and willing to work with me, fellow committee members, the Druid Hills Civic Association and the community to reach an outcome that I believe the vast majority of the neighborhood would agree is within keeping with both the law and the spirit of the Historic Preservation Ordinance…I can personally attest to Phil’s intention to always do the highest quality work, using only the best materials that are in keeping with the ordinance and the supporting guidelines. During my time with him he always did what he said he was going to do.

    Chris Leeth, Former Chair of Historic Preservation Committee, DRUID HILLS CIVIC ASSOCIATION
  • I can state without hesitation that Phil is committed to the highest level of quality workmanship and integrity of design and to dealing fairly and honestly with his clients and professional associates. I would recommend his work to anyone seeking the very best home construction…When I drive down Oakdale now, I can see how seamlessly the new homes blend in with the historic homes, really completing that long block in a manner consistent with the overall feel of the street.

    Melissa Walker, Attorney, MELISSA P. WALKER, P.C.
  • We are equally pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship used on the interior of the house, where attention to detail made this a truly custom home. Mr. Clark’s work crews were great to work with; they were skilled at their jobs and always went out of their way to be sure we were happy with their work. They were, and remain, responsive to any concerns that come up, and continue to help us as the inevitable issues inherent in home ownership arise.

    Linda Lewin, Homeowner
  • Phillip Clark cares deeply about architectural design and historical accuracy. He and his team were on top of every concern the neighborhood association had. He has a passion for beautiful aesthetics that enhance the neighborhood.

    Leslie Pierson, Homeowner
  • In 2011 my family entered into an agreement with Phillip Clark to develop and market [our] land. Over the past 8 years of working with Phillip Clark, we have found him to be of the highest integrity, a true professional and a joy to work with.

    Sarah Matthews Pongracz, Co-Trustee, DANIEL J. MATTHEWS TRUST
  • I cannot begin to adequately express the sincere admiration that I have for Phillip Clark, both as a builder and as a person. His reputation as an artisan home-builder is unsurpassed and much deserved. He is a true craftsman who takes tremendous pride in providing only the highest level of quality and beauty in every home that he constructs. I have never known him to sacrifice his attention to detail and quality of construction for the sake of increased profit. His name is on each home and he does not take that lightly.

    Martha Wakefield, MAcc, CPA, Principal, CONSOLIUM FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS
  • As a developer, Phil Clark and his team have always looked at ways to improve the areas in which they build. There is strong attention to historic detail, massing and scale along with an idea of what the market needs.

    Linda MacArthur, Architect, LINDA MACARTHUR ARCHITECT
  • His love and focus on architectural design, interiors and art set him apart in the building industry. I, as well as our entire office, always enjoy working with Phillip Clark. He is willing to invest in design in a way that very few builders understand. He has always been supportive of my passion for design as it relates so much to his passion for building

  • What I like about working with Phil is that he is so carefully attuned to the design process. He is always respectful of the intent. He is careful to carry it out and gives critical attention in an effort to make the project better. That is what has been so impressive to me in working with Phil.

    Graham Pittman, Landscape Architect, G. PITTMAN & ASSOCIATES
  • Having lived in a home he built in 1985, and having had the opportunity for him to build a new home for us, I want to say that, as a builder and friend, he is the best. His attention to detail and his follow-through and follow-up have been top notch. To this day, I still am able to call him anytime with any question or concern and get an immediate response. Thanks to Phil and his crew, we and our decorator feel that all of them went over the top to build something everyone could be proud of.

    H.J. Rosenberg, Vice Chairman, Secretary, NATIONAL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY
  • Phil has a strong appreciate for site and landscape design as it related to fine residential architecture. Phil makes the process enjoyable for me because working with him is both fun and east. We tailor our landscape architecture to reflect the architecture of the home, and the homeowner’s program elements. What we design is only part of the piece. How it is executed in the filed is critical. Phil does a good job with his subcontractors in doing just that.

    Alec Michaelides, ASLA, Principal, LAND PLUS ASSOCIATES



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